Tuesday, August 4, 2009


First I will say that life is good. No, I'm not filthy rich or exceptionally wise. I don't have everything figured out and my life is not always rosy but the great scale seems to tip towards the positive and for that I am extremely grateful.

My oldest daughter called yesterday to announce she is expecting! At 50 it is about time I start in on being a grandpa. I have a lovely and kind wife. I have 4 terrific kids. My married kids have wonderful spouses. Our youngest will be with us for at least 6 more years before college and adulthood beckons. We live with furry clowns disguised as dogs. They provide unconditional love and entertainment. The cats live outside, pretending to like us yet always spying through the windows and making demands. They add some mystery and drama to our days.

The world around us is amazing. I am often dazzled by the sky and intrigued by the changes of weather. In my windowless office I day-dream of being outside feeling the breeze and the warmth of the sun. One Christmas we visited my parents in Hawaii. We slept on their screened patio listening to the ocean and breathing the salty air. It was better than any dream or drug.


  1. Thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed reading this.

  2. I remember the porch in Hawaii. It really was amazing.